Did you know that one in seven couples may have difficulty conceiving?

Have you been trying to get pregnant for over a year despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex?
Have you resorted to assisted reproductive technologies like IVF (Invitro Fertilization) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and still had no success?
Have you been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), endometriosis or unexplained infertility?

You are not alone and you can do something about it.

Welcome to our online Fertility Wellness program that combines yoga, and mindfulness with a clinically tested approach to preconception planning.

Over a 30 day period, you will learn how to build a lifestyle that supports your fertility journey not only physically but emotionally too.

Under the guidance of a 4th generation Ayurvedic master physician, you will be prescribed a set of fertility yoga exercises which is personalised to your body type (or dosha).

Each day you will receive a 30 minute fertility yoga video which you can practice in the comfort of your own living room.

You will learn Hatha and Yin Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to promote the flow of energy through your body and achieve physical and emotional well-being.

In the evening, you will wind down with a short audio that helps you relax and visualize positive outcomes for your fertility journey.

We offer courses, based on each of 3 doshas: Kapha Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Vata Dosha.

This bundle includes all 3 courses. While one of doshas will be primary right now, later you might find it more helpful to explore another dosha.

Meet Your Mentor

Meet Sarah Manning, your senior yoga instructor

I have been teaching for 28 years. I was inspired by the vibrant, amazing Harriet (Bhumi) Russell – a senior yoga teacher of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Massachusetts.

Bhumi combined the “Meditation in Motion” of Kripalu with specific yoga for women – menstruation and menopause. Honouring and nurturing women’s bodies and their needs through yoga. It was magical and still keeps me on my mat after all these years!

Enjoy this course, relax, breathe, have fun!

What others have to say

Sarah is compassionate and embodies the spirit of yoga and meditation. She combines it with knowledge of TCM, acupuncture and a vast network of wellness practitioners.

I feel cared for and empowered to redefine wellness my own way while sinking into her positive vibes.

Absolutely love her classes and consults.


The Fertility Weekend Retreat was a great start for me to embark on a holistic journey to get my health back on track. The yoga tutorials by Sarah are easy to follow, even though I have stopped practising yoga for a few years. I am calmer, more focused and have generally less aches and pains in my body. I stuck to Mani's Ayurvedic guidelines for eating. Although I did not follow the meal plans closely, but sought alternatives that were similar, I felt energetic and was able to focus better throughout the day. The programme gave me the confidence to continue on this health journey and make a change to my otherwise, less healthy lifestyle.


Hello Sarah! Wanted to let you know that the yoga videos work well now 😊 I’ve been using them on some days when we don’t have classes.

I really liked the yoga nidra ones (relaxation), your voice was very soothing.


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