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Women are eating McDonald’s immediately after sex to try and get pregnant


You’ve heard that certain sex positions can help you get pregnant. You’ve heard that eating certain foods can help you get pregnant. But the latest new myth to hit the market? Eating McDonald’s after having sex can also increase your chances of conceiving.

According to a study conducted in conjunction with UK’s National Baby Making Day, it’s been found that women are now doing all sorts of bizarre things – including chowing down on fries from McDonald’s! – in an attempt to increase their fertility.

This year, UK’s National Baby Making Day falls on January 2nd. According to experts, millions of couples will have had sex on this day in the hopes of getting pregnant, and giving birth to a September baby. In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned, it’s been reported that a whopping 71% of these couples are open to trying new-fangled or unexpected methods of boosting their fertility. In this article, we explore these methods, and tell you which are worth trying, and which are a waste of your time.


Statistic: 58% of respondents put their legs in the air, and pretended to ride a bicycle for at least three minutes.

Studies show that keeping sperm in the vagina for 15 minutes after sex may increase your chances of conceiving – but there’s no need to go all out and ride a bicycle in the air. Simply put a pillow under your hips to raise it, and wait till the 15 minutes are up.

Statistic: 39% of respondents used reverse psychology and pretending you don’t want a baby, then have a wild night out and forget about ‘trying’ before romping.

This essentially boils down to your stress levels. By pretending they don’t want a baby, these couples are giving themselves a much-needed break from the pressures of conceiving, which, ironically enough, helps them conceive. Psst: doing any of your other favourite activities (going to the spa, catching a movie, etc) can help you achieve the same effect. But if you do want to follow this tip to a tee, including having that night out, make your choice of drink red wine!

Statistic: 37% of respondents ate dark chocolate every day.

Dark chocolate does help to boost fertility – so go ahead and start stocking up. (Whilst you’re at it, these other foods will also help your body ovulate better!)


Statistic: 32% of respondents ate pineapples and drank pineapple juice.

Pineapple contains bromelain; this is an enzyme which thickens your uterine lining and makes it easier for implantation to occur. Another one to add to your grocery list!

Statistic: 15% of women slept in total darkness, without any phones and electronic devices in the room.

This doesn’t boost fertility directly, but it does help indirectly. How so? Sleeping in total darkness helps you get better quality sleep, which translates to your body being able to produce more hormones which are critical for conception.

Statistic: 5% of respondents wore green or used green bedsheets (as green is believed to be a “fertile colour”.)

Nope, there’s zero proof that the colour green has any impact on fertility.

Statistic: 3% women respondents said they ate fries from McDonald’s immediately after sex.

Again, this one is completely out of the blue. If anything, fast food decreases your chances of conceiving, so we definitely wouldn’t recommend trying it.

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