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Where to do IVF in Singapore: A breakdown of the various Singapore IVF centres


Wondering where you can do IVF in Singapore? We’ve done the dirty work, and compiled a list of 6 different IVF centres for you to choose from…

#1: Advanced Centre For Reproductive Medicine (ACRM), Gleneagles Hospital

Top on our list of centres which provide IVF in Singapore is none other than… ACRM! ACRM Singapore was founded by Dr Christopher Chen, who’s a notable figure in the fertility field. Among other things, Dr Chen produced the world’s first IVF triplets in 1983; he was also the first to successfully freeze a human egg in 1986. At ACRM, IVF egg retrieval prices range from $5,800 to $6,600, though this does not include the mandatory fertility screening ($280).

ACRM is the only private IVF centre in Singapore that provides blood-hormone tests onsite. The tests are processed within the clinic’s own laboratory, and patients will be able to get their results within 2 hours. On top of that, ACRM is also one of the four reproductive centres in Singapore to offer time-lapse embryo imaging technology.


#2: Thomson Fertility Centre

Thomson Fertility Centre, which was established back in 2000, is a reputable fertility clinic that’s accredited by the Reproduction Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility Society of Australia. Heading the team at Thomson Fertility Centre is Dr Loh Seong Feei, who was previously the Director of the KKIVF Centre.

The standard IVF package at Thomson Fertility Centre costs $7,999, and it includes ultrasounds follicle scans, laboratory charges, nurses fees, and recovery room charges. For couples who want to cover all their basis, Thomson Fertility Centre also offers alternative therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


#3: Women’s Centre, National University Hospital

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Women’s Centre) was set up in 1922; in those early days, it was attached to Kandang Kerbau Maternity Hospital, and it was only in 1985 that it transplanted itself into the National University Hospital. This centre lays claim to being the first clinic to offer IVF in Singapore, and it was also where Asia’s first IVF baby was born.

Fast forward to 2018, and the Women’s Centre performs approximately 600 IVF cycles per year. The IVF treatment at the Women’s Centre starts from $7,886; those who are interested may refer to their online brochure.


#4: Virtus Fertility Centre

Virtus Fertility Centre is owned by Virtus Health, which houses several other international IVF clinics (Melbourne IVF, Queensland Fertility Group, and more) under its wing.

Virtus Fertility Centre uses an elective ‘freeze all’ approach that involves freezing all embryos. These embryos are either used later in a natural cycle, or in a cycle with hormonal replacement. The following table illustrates the clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer as well as live birth rates at Virtus Fertility Centre:


At Virtus Fertility Centre, an egg retrieval procedure costs $8,800 to $9,500, and an embryo transfer will set you back by $4,000 to $5,300. You’ll also have to fork out extra for a mandatory fertility assessment that costs $299 per couple.


#5: Centre for Assisted Reproduction (CARE), Novena Specialist Centre

Another clinic which offers IVF in Singapore is the Centre for Assisted Reproduction (CARE). This clinic is located conveniently at the Novena Specialist Centre, and it offers a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from IVF to Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and Assisted Hatching. While CARE notes that the success of their IVF treatments differs from patient to patient, their average Fresh Cycle Clinical Pregnancy Rates are summed up in the table below:

CARE charges upwards of $9,000 for their IVF treatments.


#6: International Urology, Fertility & Gynaecology Centre, Mount Elizabeth

The International Urology, Fertility & Gynaecology Centre bills itself as a a one-stop shop for diagnosis and treatment of urological, fertility or gynaecological problems. The centre is run by gynaecologist Dr. Julianah Abu and urologist Dr Michael Wong, and the two doctors offer joint consultations with couples suffering from infertility. The goal is to concurrently assess both the urological and fertility factors that may be influencing the couple’s fertility, which results in more efficient diagnosis and treatment.

The International Urology, Fertility & Gynaecology Centre does not disclose its IVF treatment prices except to couples who make an appointment.


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