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Trying to get pregnant? Have a glass of red wine.


We all know that a glass of wine every now and then is good for your heart. After all, red wine contains antioxidants which prevent coronary artery disease (which is what’s behind those nasty heart attacks). But research now shows that red wine, when consumed at least once a week, can also help women boost their fertility, and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

In a study by the Washington University, which involved 135 participants, results showed that women who consumed more than five servings of red wine a month enjoyed a higher ovarian reserve. For those unfamiliar with the term, a woman’s ovarian reserve refers to the quantity of eggs present in the ovaries at any one time.

The study was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual Congress in Texas recently. Whilst the study also observed the impact that white wine, beer and spirits had on fertility, unfortunately, red wine was the only alcoholic beverage that led to a boost in women’s fertility. According to the researchers of the study, the effect is likely to be due to the high concentration of resveratrol present in red wine. This is the same anti-inflammatory compound which prevents heart disease.


Whilst the findings of this study show that there’s no harm in pregnant women indulging in a glass of red every week or so, experts are cautioning these women to not take their drinking overboard.

Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society, states that the exposure of the developing foetus to alcohol may cause “irreversible developmental damage”, and advises that alcohol consumption, for women wishing to conceive, should be less than six units per week. This works out to approximately three standard (175ml) glasses of red wine per week.


Detractors have pointed out that a larger study (carried out in 2013) indicated that drinking three glasses of wine a week seems to reduce a woman’s chances of conception via in-vitro fertilization (IVF). That having been said, doctors acknowledge that the act of drinking more regularly may not itself be driving lower fertility; these may indicate other factors (such as stress) which could be the underlying cause of fertility.

The bottom line? Experts agree that drinking red wine, if done in moderation, will not significantly decrease a woman’s fertility. Whilst this newly released study gives a strong indication that red wine does boost fertility, further studies which involve a larger number of participants still need to be carried out.

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