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The best fertility technology and tools for couples who want to conceive


Been trying (unsuccessfully!) to conceive for some time now? Here’s the good news: the fertility technology industry is growing at a rapid pace, and couples trying to get pregnant now have a plethora of tools and gadgets at their disposal.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best fertility technology and tools out there, and tell you how you can get your hands on them!

#1: Period tracking apps

The newest and most advanced period tracking apps don’t just help you keep track of your menstrual cycle; they also advise you on when’s the best time to have sex, in order to conceive.

While there are plenty of period tracking apps in the market, one of the most legitimate ones is Flo, an ovulation calendar for women who are trying to conceive. Flo utilizes artificial intelligence to fine-tune its predictions, and their model is an impressive 54.2% more accurate (as compared to traditional statistical models!) in predicting women’s fertile periods.

Available for purchase: on iPhone and Android.

To learn more about Flo:

#2: Smart tampons

Smart tampons are a pretty new thing, and one of the most prolific companies that’s working on producing these at the moment is NextGen Jane.

How does this smart tampon function? While NextGen Jane is still in their product development phase, their goal is to create a tampon that can test a woman’s blood for a range of biomarkers and send this data to a database that allows the user to track their fertility and reproductive health. Stay tuned for more!

Available for purchase at: stay tuned for more details.

To learn more about smart tampons:

#3: Home ovulation prediction kits

Can never get an accurate reading when you’re doing your BBT charting?

One alternative is to try home ovulation prediction kits, which analyze your urine or saliva to pinpoint your most fertile days. Here’s how these work: urine prediction kits detect an increase in luteinising hormone (LH), and saliva prediction kits identify the salt content of your saliva, which tend to increase as your oestrogen levels rise.

Available for purchase at: Watsons, Guardian, and

To learn more about home ovulation prediction kits, read our article: Want To Get Pregnant? Try These Home Ovulation Prediction Kits.

#4: Fertility bracelets

Like the other tools we’ve listed out so far, fertility bracelets (such as the Ava Bracelet) help to predict when you’re ovulating, and your fertile period.

How does Ava work? All you have to do is wear the bracelet, and allow Ava’s sensors to collect data on your physiological parameters whilst you’re sleeping. These parameters are fed into the company’s proprietary algorithm in order to detect your fertile window, and as a bonus, you also get access to information on your physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more.

Available for purchase at: Ava fertility bracelets don’t ship to Singapore, but you can get them delivered to the US, and use a forwarding service such as ComGateway.

To learn more about Ava:

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