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Seven 5-minute lifestyle changes that will boost your fertility in 2018


Who says boosting your fertility has to be hard? There are plenty of lifestyle changes that you can make that will boost your fertility – and they’ll only take five minutes, tops. Read on to find out more!

#1: Switch to a sperm-friendly lubricant

Many commercial lubricants affect sperm motility, but there are specialty sperm-friendly lubricants available in the market such as Sliquid Oceanics, Astroglide TTC, Pre-Seed, and Yes Baby. If you use lube on a regular basis, hop over to Amazon and purchase one of these sperm-friendly brands!

#2: Stop douching

This one actually saves you time! Women who have the habit of douching, it’s time to stop once and for all. Here’s why douching is a no-no: this destroys the protective bacteria in the vagina, and puts you at risk for bacterial vaginosis (BV). If you overlook the symptoms – which includes grayish discharge – and don’t seek treatment for your BV, you’ll be at higher risk of infertility and even miscarriage (for those who are currently pregnant). Yikes!

#3: Take the stairs


Many of us are guilty of leading a sedentary lifestyle – but it’s not wise to suddenly start exercising vigorously, just because you’re trying to get pregnant. If you overdo it, you’ll also impact your fertility – so definitely skip the intense gym sessions and half-marathons. Something less hardcore (such as climbing the stairs) will be perfect in helping you boost your fertility.

#4: Meditate

The more stressed you are, the higher your cortisol levels get – and this negatively impacts your fertility. Set an alarm on your phone, and take five minutes out of your busy work day to meditate and calm your mind. If you can’t get away to a quiet place and close your eyes, simply stay at your desk and do some breathing exercises.

#5: Swap out your protein sources

Next time you’re at the supermarket, pick up less beef, pork and chicken, and stock up on vegetable proteins (beans and nuts) instead. According to studies, the more vegetable protein you consume (as opposed to animal protein), the less likely you’ll experience ovulatory infertility.

#6: Drink more water


When you get dehydrated, this messes with your cervical fluid, and makes it tough for your partner’s sperm to locate your egg. You don’t need to stick with the recommended 8 cups a day – that’s actually a myth – but do drink as much as it takes to have your urine be colourless or light yellow.

#7: Establish a bedtime routine

The more sleep you get, the easier it’ll be to get pregnant. If you suffer from insomnia, here’s what you can do: establish a bedtime routine that you stick to, every single night. This could be as simple as laying out your outfit for the next day, taking out your contact lenses, and getting into your pyjamas. The key is to do it religiously, so that your brain starts to associate sleep with this specific routine.  

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