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Reflexology for fertility: how does reflexology help with fertility?


If you’re having trouble conceiving, you might find yourself turning to alternative therapies such as reflexology. How does reflexology work, and how can women and men use reflexology to boost their fertility? In this article, we answer all these questions, and more!

What is reflexology?

For those who aren’t 100% familiar with reflexology, this is a natural, non-invasive massage technique that focuses on specific pressure points on the feet.

Practitioners believe that the soles of our feet function as a “map” to our bodies, and that each point on our feet corresponds to a specific organ within the body. By applying pressure to these points, we’re effectively releasing energy to the corresponding organ, and in doing so, unblocking the energy pathways in our bodies.

The overall goal is to allow the body to regain its natural balance, so that all our internal systems can function perfectly. At the same time, reflexology also aids in relaxation, and helps patients to “reconnect” with their body.

How does reflexology for fertility work?

As mentioned, practitioners believe that the soles of our feet are interconnected to the different organs within our bodies. Bearing this in mind, reflexology for fertility is simply about identifying the pressure points that are linked to our reproductive organs, and stimulating these points.

For example, it’s said that our pituitary glands correspond to a point in the middle of our big toes, and that the area around our toes correspond to our thyroid. There’s also a pressure point linked to your ovaries, which can be found by tracing an imaginary line from the top of your ankle bone to the bottom of your heel, and identifying the mid-way point.

Does reflexology for fertility only apply for women?

Nope – the theory is that both women and men can use reflexology to enhance their fertility.

With reflexology for fertility, it doesn’t matter what your gender is – the practitioner will hone in on the same pressure points. The point that’s linked to a woman’s ovaries, for example, corresponds to a man’s testicles, and the point that’s linked to a woman’s Fallopian tubes corresponds to the canals in which sperm travels through in men.

Who should try reflexology for fertility?

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while now, and you can’t seem to get pregnant, there’s no harm attending a few reflexology sessions, and exploring if reflexology is a good fit for you.

While it’ll be hard to conclude whether stimulating these pressure points on your feet have a direct impact on your fertility, we do know that reflexology helps to lower stress levels, and that women with less stress have an easier time getting pregnant. This means that reflexology should help to boost your chances of getting pregnant, be it in a direct or indirect way!

That said, if you happen to have a foot fracture, an unhealed wound on your foot, or active gout in the foot, steer clear of reflexology for the time being. The same goes for people who experience thrombosis or embolism; for these folks, it’s not a good idea to undergo reflexology, because this could potentially cause a clot to move towards the heart or brain.

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