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Overweight and want to increase your chances of getting pregnant? Just walk for 10 minutes a day.


Calling all the overweight ladies out there: if you’re trying to increase your chances of getting pregnant, do yourself a favour and stop engaging in vigorous workouts at the gym. It’s been proven (multiple times!) that exercising too intensely might affect your ovulation, which in turn increases your risk of infertility. Your goal is nerot to shed as much weight in as little time as possible – it’s simply to maintain an active lifestyle, and prime your body for pregnancy.

What should you incorporate in your exercise regime, then? There’s no need to over-complicate things – just walking will do the trick! Research released in May 2018 indicates that walking just 10 minutes per day can increase your odds of getting pregnant.


Conducted by Lindsey Russo and Brian Whitcomb of University of Massachusetts Amherst, this study involved 1,200 female participants aged 18 to 40. While Russo and Whitcomb’s primary focus was to study the use of aspirin during pregnancy, they were particularly drawn to the findings that they obtained about the link between the participants’ physical activity and their fertility levels.

After studying the effects that activities of different intensities and durations had on the participants, the researchers concluded that women who incorporate a small amount of activity everyday have a higher chance of getting pregnant. In particular, Whitcomb recommended simply walking for 10 minutes per day.


Overweight women aside, the study also indicated that women who have a history of pregnancy loss would also benefit from walking 10 minutes every day. Interestingly enough, other studies also show that going for a walk three times a week can help men boost their fertility. The rationale behind this? Moderate exercise is said to curb oxidative stress, which damages sperm. While the participants in the study who did vigorous exercise also experienced a boost in fertility, there was less of an increase as compared to those who exercised moderately.

And while some people strive to hit 10,000 steps per day, research shows that this doesn’t bring about as much health benefits as you might think. Taking speedy, shorter-distance walks that add up to 3,000 steps throughout the day, for example, is more advantageous to your health than going the whole hog with 10,000 steps per day.

If you’re looking to get started, you might want to check out the Park Connector Networks (PCN) in Singapore; alternatively, there are also hiking trails at MacRitchie, Labrador Park, Bukit Timah Hill, Dairy Farm, Coney Island, and more. Put on some comfy footwear and grab your partner – it’s time to start clocking those steps!

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