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Natural fertility techniques that promise to sway your baby’s gender: do they work?


When you’re conceiving, the gender of your baby is completely out of your hands… but is it really?

According to natural fertility expert Claudette Wadsworth, “swaying” the gender of your baby is very much possible. Claudette, who is based in Sydney, Australia, specialises in both women’s and men’s hormonal health and natural fertility; she also offers services in gender swaying, which is said to influence the gender of your child.


In April this year, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council banned gender selection procedures for women undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Ever since then, Claudette has seen an increase in enquiries about her gender swaying programme. Whilst many are interested in the programme simply for personal preference, some of Claudette’s clients do it because they want to avoid passing on sex-related inherited diseases to their children.

Although Claudette says that these natural fertility gender swaying techniques are effective, she also states that she cannot guarantee a specific outcome. Claudette offers this programme only to couples who have no history of fertility problems, and already have two children of the same sex. Her successful clients include Bronwyn Brady from Brisbane – Bronwyn managed to “sway” the gender of her third baby, and gave birth to a daughter recently.


Claudette’s arsenal of tools include the Shettles method, the dietary method, and the lunar cycle method; these all help in maximizing the body’s natural fertility processes.

Firstly, the Shettles method involves using different sex positions to sway the gender of your baby. Taking into account that the androsperm (male sperm) is faster but weaker, and that the gymnosperm (female sperm) is slower but stronger, Claudette recommends that couples who want a girl go for missionary, spooning, or girl on top positions. For those who want to give birth to a boy, try the doggie style or standing up positions.


Secondly, the dietary method works on the rationale that eating specific foods changes the pH environment in the female reproductive tract, as well as your mineral balance.

According to Claudette, women who consume salt excessively can increase their chances of conceiving boys, whilst women who consume more calcium magnesium are more likely to have girls. The dietary method played a key role in Bronwyn’s natural fertility and gender swaying programme; when she was pregnant, Bronwyn completely eliminated foods that were high in potassium (bananas, potatoes, and tomatoes) from her diet.

Last but not least, the lunar cycle method deals with the timing of the natural fertility cycle, and originated from Czech psychiatrist Doctor Jonas. For a boy, couples are advised to have sex closer to ovulation; for a girl, they may have sex further from ovulation. That having been said, Claudette states that this technique is used “with reservation”, because if couples wait too long, they could end up with “old” sperm which would hinder their chances of getting pregnant.

Whilst there is no scientific evidence to back these techniques up, many pregnant ladies and new mummies swear by the power of gender swaying. If you’d like to try this for yourself, do take note that effects aren’t instantaneous; couples are advised to begin implementing techniques up to six weeks before they start trying to conceive.

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