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How to increase your egg health + why this is crucial to boost fertility

Contrary to popular belief, your egg health is not determined solely by age. There are a host of other factors that can impact your egg health, and correspondingly, your fertility; so make sure you follow the ideal lifestyle as recommended by fertility experts, in order to boost fertility!

How egg health boosts fertility

In a nutshell, the healthier your eggs are, the higher the chances of them being fertilized, and getting implanted in the lining of your uterus. These are the first two things that happen at the start of every pregnancy, so egg health is definitely something that women need to take into consideration when trying to boost fertility.

How to increase egg health

#1: Getting proper blood flow

Increasing oxygen rich blood flow to the ovaries will help you improve egg health, and ultimately boost fertility. You can do this by drinking more water, exercising, and getting abdominal or fertility massages. Take note that massages are at their most effective when they are administered after the last day of your period, and when sustained over a period of a few months.

#2: Getting adequate vitamins

Numerous studies have shown that women who take prenatal multivitamins have a much higher chance of getting pregnant, as opposed to women who don’t. These multivitamins improve egg health by increasing both ovarian response, and endometrial receptivity. If possible, opt for multivitamins made from whole foods, as opposed to synthetic ones.

#3: Pay attention to nutrition

When it comes to increasing egg health and boosting fertility, nutrition is important; that much is a no-brainer. However, there are countless (and often contradicting) articles about foods that boost fertility – which understandably cause confusion amongst women trying to conceive. We’re sticking with an extensive study that Harvard conducted with 18,000 recipients – and according to this, you should stick to beans, milk, and complex carbs, whilst avoiding fast food and non-complex carbs.

#4: Keeping stress levels low

There’s really no hard and fast rule to this – so experiment with activities such as meditation, deep breathing, reading, drinking herbal tea, and even acupuncture, to figure out what works best for you.

Understanding the concept of egg health and taking measures to boost this is critical for women who are trying to conceive; however, for a more holistic and thorough approach, other factors such as sleeping patterns and more should also be taken into consideration.

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