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How to increase fertility through yoga: 5 fertility boosting moves to try

These 5 yoga moves will help you increase fertility in no time.

Searching for natural ways in which you can increase fertility and boost your chances of getting pregnant? Other than eating right and taking the proper supplements, it’s also important to keep your fitness levels up and lead an active lifestyle. One great way in which you can do this is to practice yoga – and in particular, these 5 fertility boosting moves that will help you to increase fertility in no time.  


#1: The Staff Pose

Do you frequently wear high heels? If so, your pelvic floor may be misaligned, and this will hinder your lymphatic system and make it tougher for you to get pregnant. To counter the negative effects of high heels, sit down in the Staff Pose and flex your toes towards the ceiling for a nice, long stretch.


#2: Half Ankle to Knee Pose

Next, lie flat on your back and take up the Half Ankle to Knee Pose. According to the doctors at the Fertility Specialists Medical Group in California, this pose helps to open your hips, align your uterus, and make conception more viable.


#3: Shoulder Opening Mountain Pose

From the previous pose, lift yourself off the mat and come into the Shoulder Opening Mountain Pose. This pose might look simple, but you’ll find that extending your arms directly above you goes a long way in alleviating muscle tensions which track from your neck all the way down to your pelvis. Breathe deeply.


#4: Hand Under Foot Pose

Bend forward, leading from your chest, and come into the Hand Under Foot pose. This pose directs your energy towards your uterus and ovaries, and acts to simultaneously improve circulation and massage your reproductive organs. If you can’t reach your feet with your hands, simply use yoga blocks to make up the distance.


#5: Butterfly Pose

Last but not least, end off with the Butterfly Pose. If you’re a complete beginner at yoga, you’ll find it difficult to get your knees to touch the mat – so take baby steps, and don’t push yourself too much. This pose stretches your inner thighs and genitals, and by doing so, helps you improve flexibility in your hip regions and genitals.

For best results, go through the entire cycle of poses thrice in one sitting, and do this three times in a week. At the beginning of each yoga practice, remember to allocate a few minutes to meditation, and focus on your breathing in order to calm your mind and lower stress levels.

Practicing fertility boosting yoga poses can go a long way in increasing your chances of conception; however, for a more holistic and thorough approach, other factors should also be taken into consideration.

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