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How to commit to more "me-time" and reduce stress in 2020


Feeling more stressed and burned out with each passing day? This 2020, commit to making more time for yourself and not being a slave to work. In this blog post, we share five ways in which you can commit to more me-time, and reduce stress this year!

#1: Decide what me-time looks like

First things first - decide what your me-time looks like.

Now, some classic examples include having a glass of wine while watching your favourite Netflix show, or scheduling in a facial to get beautiful, glowy skin.

But if you know that wine makes you feel bloated and ill, or you don’t want to drop $80 on a facial because you’re still paying off last month’s credit card bill, that’s perfectly fine. Think of what activities better suit your lifestyle, then indulge in those activities when you’re having “me-time” instead.

#2: Stop working on the weekends

Many of us are guilty of checking our emails or attending to work on the weekends, and this means we’re not truly disengaging, and getting the break that we want and need.

Find it hard to switch off during the weekends? Look at it this way: regardless of how much you work, there will always be more work waiting for you. Bearing this in mind, be protective of your weekends, and choose to spend it on things that truly matter (ie: your friends and family).

#3: Outsource tasks and ask for help

If you’ve got too much on your plate, recognise that you can delegate and outsource your tasks - you don’t have to do it alone.

For instance, get your partner to help you drop off the dry-cleaning, since it’s on his way to work. If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo and your colleague has just returned from their vacation, ask them to send you their itinerary so you don’t have to start from scratch. When you’re planning a house party, organise a potluck instead of cooking it all alone. You get the picture!

#4: Stop using social media

There are two reasons why you should stop using (or at the very least, cut down on using) social media.

Firstly, when you keep looking at your friends’ “highlight reels” and compare these to your real life, you’re bound to feel bad about your life.

Secondly, with social media, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole, and spend huge chunks of time scrolling through your feed.

We’d recommend uninstalling the social media apps on your phone, or installing an app that blocks social media. You’ll find yourself more centred, more focused on yourself, and with more time to spend on things that you enjoy!

#5: Make your me-time do double duty

“Productive” me-time? Is there such a thing?

Yep, you bet there is! While me-time is all about relaxing and unwinding, you can come up with creative ways to make your me-time do double duty, so that you’re getting more out of it. For example, if you’re relaxing in the bath, put on a podcast about a topic that you’ve been wanting to learn more about.

Now that you’re getting more out of your me-time, you can look forward to these pockets of time without feeling guilty!

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