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How much it costs to have a baby across the world


Being Singaporeans, we’re always moaning and groaning about how expensive things are. But are the costs associated with childbirth in Singapore really that high, or are these actually pretty reasonable when you pit them against that of other countries? Read on to find out more!

All costs stated are in USD.

How much it costs to have a baby in United States

Given that there’s no publicly financed health services in the US, the cost of having a baby in the country is exorbitant. Just delivery alone will set you back a whopping $10,808, and this increases to an average of $30,000 if you include the care provided before and after pregnancy. If you need to go for a C-section, you’re looking at $50,000 or more.

How much it costs to have a baby in United Kingdom

Giving birth in the UK is drastically cheaper. For a standard vaginal delivery (complete with pre and post-delivery care), you’ll only pay $2,300 on average. A more complicated procedure, on the other hand, will set you back by $3,400. Lower costs aside, the quality of healthcare in the UK is also exceptional. Pregnant women in the UK have a mortality risk that’s three times lower than women in the US, which is pretty mind-boggling to us!

How much it costs to have a baby in Canada

Hop across the border from the US to Canada, and your costs of having a baby will drop significantly as well. In Canada, giving birth without any complications will cost you just $3,195, and if you have a C-section, the cost rises to $5,980.

How much it costs to have a baby in South Africa

All the way on the other side side of the globe is South Africa, and this country’s public healthcare system dictates that women get antenatal care that’s largely free of charge. That having been said, the quality of said healthcare isn’t the best. Among other things, there have been reports of newborn babies dying at public hospitals due to these hospitals running out of antiseptic soap, and thus not being able to clean the babies.  

Considering this, it isn’t surprising that women who are able to afford healthcare insurance generally have their babies at private hospitals instead. If you have a baby in a private facility in South Africa, your bill will probably run up to $2,000 or so.

How much it costs to have a baby in India

The vast majority of the population in India will opt to go to government hospitals, where having a baby doesn’t cost them anything. There are also private hospitals for those who can afford it, and the costs associated with having a baby in one of these hospitals ranges from $240 to $1,200 for normal deliveries, and $500 to $3,000 for C-sections. Depending on which hospital you patronize, check-ups, ultrasounds, and other tests may incur extra charges.

How much it costs to have a baby in Japan

Japan is widely acknowledged as one of the safest countries in which you can give birth, but doing so will cost you a pretty penny. While we don’t have a breakdown for regular births as opposed to C-sections, the average delivery in a Japanese hospital costs over $61,000. That being said, there are other (cheaper!) options that Japanese people might go for, including maternity clinics.

How much it costs to have a baby in Singapore

If you’re in Singapore, the average cost of having a baby is $8,045 for a regular birth, and $10,195 for a C-Section. We might grumble about having to fork out ten grand to welcome our baby to the world, but looking at the costs in countries such as Japan and the US helps to put things in perspective! 😉

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