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Getting pregnant on vacation: could a trip abroad be what you need?


Couples who are trying to get pregnant, you just might want to pack your bags and take off on a vacation. The latest trend to catch on in natural fertility is “conceptionmoons”, whereby couples head overseas for some rest and relaxation, and try to get pregnant whilst they’re at it.

Getting pregnant on vacation: The conceptionmoon

The rationale behind the conceptionmoon is pretty obvious. The average person’s daily routine typically involves quite a bit of work stress, and it’s hard to find the time to balance work, healthy living, and trying for a baby. Couples who put too much pressure on themselves end up in a counterproductive situation, and the increasing amounts of cortisol (stress hormones!) present in their bodies causes their fertility levels to plummet.


On a conceptionmoon, though, you get to (temporarily!) shut away all your distractions, and focus on, well, conceiving. Although the ideal case scenario would involve a pristine white beach somewhere picture-perfect (maybe Mauritius or Fiji Island?), you can really have a conceptionmoon anywhere – even in your own country.

The most crucial element of getting pregnant on vacation is timing your time abroad to coincide with your ovulation period. (You can easily do this by using a fertility app, such as Natural Cycles.) Although there hasn’t been any conclusive studies done on the effectiveness of conceptionmoons, a report conducted by Baby Center said that 40% of the 800 couples they surveyed claimed they actually conceived on their vacation. Those odds aren’t bad at all!


The best thing about conceptionmoons is that they don’t necessarily have to be expensive. If you’d rather stay in Singapore, you can get a reasonably priced boutique hotel (or even an apartment from Airbnb) and spend the weekend reconnecting with your partner. We recommend activities such as couples’ yoga, couples’ spa or couples’ massages; alternatively, check out this set of 36 questions which are scientifically proven to create a sense of intimacy between anyone (even complete strangers)!

Fertility consultation with BeNatural’s fertility coach, Marie Otsuka

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