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Fertility coach urges Singaporeans to condition themselves for fertility

With young Singaporeans having to deal with demanding work schedules, plenty of people are choosing to skip their exercise sessions, thinking that they’ll pick up where they left off further down the road. But if you’re planning to get pregnant – regardless of whether it’s next year or 5 years down the road – this isn’t a wise decision.

According to Marie Otsuka, a fertility coach who has had 10 years of experience in helping Singaporean couples conceive, many couples start exercising and paying attention to their health only when they want to get pregnant. “It’s too little, too late,” Marie explains.

“Many couples think that they can start exercising a few months prior to trying for a baby, and that will vastly increase their chances,” she goes on to say. In reality, though, it doesn’t work that way. You need to exercise regularly, all the time, in order to “condition yourself”, and maintain a baseline fertility.

How does exercise help fertility?

For men, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that lifting weights for 90 minutes a week resulted in an impressive 25% increase in sperm count. This, of course, will increase the couple’s chances of getting pregnant.

For women, the increased metabolism and circulation that comes from exercise will result in better quality eggs being produced. Exercise also stimulates women’s endocrine glands, which in turn secrete hormones that help the eggs grow.

How early on do I have to start exercising?

There isn’t a magic number of months or years to count backwards with and start exercising, says Marie. It’s pretty straightforward – couples who have been more consistent in exercising and eating well are more likely to get pregnant; there are no shortcuts that you can “hack” the process with. In addition to finding it easier to get pregnant, women who consistently exercise also find the process of childbirth a lot more manageable, and less taxing.

What kind of exercise is optimum for boosting fertility?

Researchers from the Boston University School of Public Health found that moderate intensity exercises such as power walking and jogging are most effective for boosting fertility in women. Vigorous exercise such as running and aerobics aren’t just less effective, they’re even counter-productive – meaning that engaging in these activities will actually reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Free 45 minute fertility consultation

If you and your partner would like to learn how to use exercise to condition yourself to get pregnant, Be Natural is offering a free 45 minute consultation with Marie. In this session, Marie will seek to understand the couple’s situation, and offer insights she’s gained through her 10 years of experience in working with infertile Singaporeans.

Depending on your consultation with Marie, you may also be able to speak with our in-house personal trainer, who works with clients to customize workout routines that will help boost their fertility. Slots are limited and on a first come first serve basis; contact us here to schedule an appointment!

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