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Drink coke on a regular basis? You’re hurting your chances of getting pregnant.


Coke and other carbonated drinks are sugary and bad for health – this much we know. But as it turns out, those who drink carbonated drinks on a regular basis may also be hurting their chances of getting pregnant.

According to a study conducted by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH), consuming one or more sugar-sweetened beverages per day is associated with decreased fertility. The results were consistent even after other factors such as obesity, caffeine intake, alcohol, smoking, and overall diet quality were taken into account.

Led by Professor Elizabeth Hatch, the study involved a total of 3,828 women aged 21 to 45, as well as 1,045 of their male partners. To start off, participants underwent a comprehensive survey on their medical history, lifestyle factors, and diet. The women participants then completed follow-up questionnaires for up to 12 months, or until they successfully became pregnant.


Here’s what the study found: women who consumed at least one carbonated drink per day experienced 25% lower fecundability (the average monthly probability of conception). There was negligible impact that consuming fruit juices or diet sodas had on fecundability.

It’s not just the women who have to reduce their intake of carbonated drinks – men who are trying for a baby with their partners need to do the same, too. In fact, seeing as how men who consumed at least one carbonated drink per day experienced 33% lower fecundability, we’d say it’s even more crucial for the men to start cutting back.


If you’re trying to eliminate carbonated drinks from your diet, don’t substitute them with other sugary alternatives such as Starbucks drinks. After all, a single Pumpkin Spice Latte contains 420 calories, and a whopping 50 grams of sugar. Bearing in mind that the Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends that we have between 40 – 55 grams of sugar per day, this means that drinking one Pumpkin Spice Latte will max out your entire sugar quota for one day.

Now that Starbucks is out of the question… what should you have instead? Go ahead and drink more diet soda and unsweetened tea (not milk tea!) You can also have fruit juices, but make sure to limit your consumption of these to 150ml per day. It might not look like it, but those fruit juices actually pack in a ton of sugar!

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