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7 strange signs that actually mean you’re ovulating


Here’s what we know: women typically ovulate 14 days before their cycle. If you have a straightforward, 28-day cycle and your period arrives regularly every month, then it’s pretty easy to work out that you’ll ovulate on Day 14 of your cycle. But how about the other women who grapple with irregular periods or skipped periods? You’ll have to pay attention to your body, and keep an eye out for signs that you’re ovulating.

Now, we’re not going to talk about the “standard” signs such as an increase in body temperature and changes in your cervical mucus – you already know about those. Instead, let’s discuss lesser-known symptoms which most women don’t pay attention to!

#1: Preference for revealing clothing

A University of Texas study shows that ovulating women are more likely to wear revealing clothing. If you find yourself reaching for your Little Black Dress, and you have an unexplained urge to dress up, this might just be because you’re ovulating!

#2: Heightened sense of smell


According to a study in the Hormones and Behavior journal, women who are ovulating are more sensitive to male pheromones found in male sweat and urine; they also have a heightened ability to detect musky odours. If you find yourself particularly drawn to or repulsed by your partner’s odour, and he hasn’t changed his cologne, you might be ovulating!

#3: Increased sex drive

This one’s pretty straightforward – several studies have shown that a woman’s libido increases when they’re ovulating. Look at this as nature’s way of boosting your chances of getting pregnant!

#4: Speaking in a higher pitch

Interestingly enough, a study from UCLA shows that women tend to speak in a higher, more feminine pitch when they’ve ovulating. What’s the rationale behind this? A higher pitched voice is associated with youth and fertility, and by speaking in a higher pitch, women are unconsciously “flaunting” their fertility!

#5: Tendency to fall sick


Here’s something that not many women know – at the point of ovulation, your immune system actually takes a backseat to allow sperm to survive. One side effect? This could lead you to fall sick. According to this study in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, ovulation results in “immune system vulnerability”, making women vulnerable to yeast infections and STIs.

#6: Improvement in asthma

If you suffer from asthma, you might notice that you feel less wheezy for a day or two each month. As it turns out, this is closely linked to your menstrual cycle. More specifically, a Norwegian study found that women are less likely to experience wheezing and shortness of breath during the time of ovulation (when their estrogen levels drop). Food for thought, huh?

#7: Trying new products

Here’s what a study from the Journal of Consumer Research says: Regardless of whether you’re a loyal shopper, or you jump from brand to brand, you’re more likely to try new products when you’re ovulating. If you’re wandering down the supermarket aisle, and you find yourself picking up a different brand of shampoo, you might just be ovulating. This applies only to women who aren’t in a committed relationship, though!

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