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6 apps all women trying to conceive should download ASAP


We use smartphone apps to keep track of our expenses, to pay our bills, and to get our daily doses of news and entertainment. So why not use them to make our fertility journey more smooth-sailing as well?

We’ve done the dirty work and compiled a list of 6 apps that are useful for women who are trying to conceive. All you need to do is whip out your friend, download these apps, and start tracking your cycle. You’re welcome!

#1: Fertility Friend

The team behind Fertility Friend has over 15 years of experience in the field, and they’ve assisted in 650,000 pregnancies and counting. The app is simple to use – simply observe and record your fertility signs, and you’ll get predictions on when your most fertile days are. If you join as a premium member, you also get access to cool features such as an intercourse timing analyzer.

Available on iPhone and Android.

#2: Glow

Similar to Fertility Friend, Glow keeps track of your fertility cycle, and tells you when’s the ideal time to try for a baby. Glow also makes it easy for women who are trying to conceive to rope their partners into the picture. Men can download the app to log data about their health, and couples can link their data together to get a clearer picture about their combined fertility.

Available on iPhone and Android.

#3: Clue

Clue is used by over five million people across the world, and it’s definitely one of the most popular fertility apps among women trying to conceive. The app allows you to log how you’re feeling each day (with respect to your mood, sleep, energy, skin condition, and pain), and it also charts your cycle using your input. For subscribers, there’s an “Enhanced Analysis” feature that gives you a personalized overview of your past cycle lengths, period lengths, and cycle length variation.

Available on iPhone and Android.

#4: Flo

Flo acts as a period tracker for women who don’t want to get pregnant, but it also doubles up as an ovulation calendar for women who are trying to conceive. The app uses artificial intelligence to fine-tune its predictions, and their model has a whopping 54.2% higher prediction accuracy as compared to traditional statistical models. Once you’ve got a bun in the oven, you can also switch over to “pregnancy mode” to track your baby’s development.

Available on iPhone and Android.  

#5: Kindara

If you’re struggling with charting your Basal Body Temperature, Kindara is the app for you. You can actually sync this app with a wireless basal body temperature thermometer (called Wink!); this makes tracking your BBT a lot more straightforward. Simply take your temperature using Wink every morning, and it’ll sync automatically with your Kindara app. While Wink does not ship to Singapore as of now, you may purchase it using a forwarder such as Comgateway or Vpost.

Available on iPhone and Android.  

#6: Dot

Dot’s premise is pretty simple: it flags out its users’ risk of pregnancy on a day-to-day basis. After you input your period start date, the app uses a patent-pending algorithm to identify your conception risks each day. Interestingly enough, Dot is currently undergoing an efficacy study that “adheres to established contraceptive efficacy design standards”. The study will be complete in September 2018, so stay tuned to find out if Dot is really effective enough to rival traditional contraceptives.

Available on iPhone and Android.

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