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5 physical fertility signs that indicate you’ll have an easy time getting pregnant


You know how the older generation talks about how a woman’s “childbearing hips” is a good sign that she’s fertile? Well, that’s just a myth – how wide or narrow your hips are doesn’t actually impact your ability to conceive in any way.

That said, there are several physical fertility signs that can clue you in as to whether you’ll have an easy time getting pregnant. Read on to find out more!

#1: Regular periods

If your periods arrive on the dot, every single month, that’s a good sign that your reproductive organs are functionally normally, and it’s all systems go.


On the flip side, if you don’t have regular periods, this might mean that your body isn’t ovulating, which can be a sign of a larger problem. According to statistics, irregular or abnormal ovulation account for 30% to 40% of all cases of infertility, so for women hoping to get pregnant, irregular periods are definitely cause for concern.

Note: this is assuming that you’re menstruating naturally, without the involvement of birth control pills. Once birth control pills are in the picture, regular periods are no longer a reliable indicator of fertility.

#2: Regular cramps (that aren’t insanely painful)

Next up on our list of fertility signs? Regular cramps.

While no woman enjoys period cramps, getting these is perfectly normally. Again, if you experience cramps at the same time every month, this shows that you’re ovulating regularly.

However, watch out for cramps that are intense and unusually painful. These are a symptom of multiple diseases such as endometriosis and fibroid tumors, so if you’re experiencing unusually painful cramps, get that checked out immediately.

#3: An average flow

Most women would probably prefer a light flow over an average or heavy flow – this hinders you less, and makes it easier for you to get through your daily activities.


However, if you have a normal flow, this shows that you’re producing and shedding an appropriate amount of lining each month. Again, that’s one of the fertility signs that indicate you’ll have an easier time getting pregnant.

#4: A healthy weight

If you’ve always had a healthy weight, and your weight doesn’t see-saw a lot, then congratulations… that’s another sign of fertility!


Most women know that being overweight or obese hurts your chances of conceiving, but the same goes if you’re underweight – this makes it hard for you to conceive as well.

What’s the science behind this? If you’re underweight, your body produces too little estrogen, which then throws your reproductive system out of whack. Women who are underweight because they exercise extensively might also experience Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), a condition where you stop ovulating and menstruating due to your body having too little fat.

#5: Plenty of cervical mucus

With the various fertility signs we’ve listed above, it’s all about consistency and balance… but when it comes to your cervical mucus, the more, the merrier.

If you’re not sure what cervical mucus is, this is basically the discharge that your body secretes when you’re ovulating. The mucus helps protect sperm as it travels through your vagina and towards your fallopian tubes, so the more cervical mucus you have, the higher your chances of fertilization and implantation.

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