In this program, you will learn Hatha and Yin Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to promote the flow of energy through your body and achieve physical and emotional well-being.

Ayurveda will help you to use food as medicine to bring your body into balance for your given constitution. You will gain insight into the natural laws and how they apply to you as a unique individual.

We also include BONUS webinars which are FULL replays of our past Round Tables hosted by Sarah Manning (our senior yoga teacher) and special guest practitioners of the healing arts:

  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Women's Wellness ... Physician Yiyan
  2. Ayurveda and Preconception Care ... Vaidyar Mani Maran
  3. The Emotional Journey to Conception ... Marie Otsuka
  4. Unlocking the innate wisdom of the Feminine ... Dr Edmund Pang
  5. Path to conception with TCM and Ayurveda ... Jennifer Eisenacker
  6. How can Abdominal Massage Therapy help me in my fertility journey? ... Lisa Levine
  7.  Fertility Naturopathy - Lifestyle, Habits and Menstruation ... Megan Georgoulas

We are all unique, so we each need something different to others. 

What others say

The 3-day fertility boost was a great start for me to embark on a holistic journey to get my health back on track. The yoga tutorials by Sarah are easy to follow, even though I have stopped practising yoga for a few years. I am calmer, more focused and have generally less aches and pains in my body. I stuck to Mani's Ayurvedic guidelines for eating. Although I did not follow the meal plans closely, but sought alternatives that were similar, I felt energetic and was able to focus better throughout the day. The programme gave me the confidence to continue on this health journey and make a change to my otherwise, less healthy lifestyle.

... Cindy C

Course Curriculum

  Foundations of Ayurveda and Fertility
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  Bonus - Round Table webinars
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Available in days
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