Yoga is a relaxing workout that lets you grow your strength and agility, in addition to helping you to ease off and unwind. Yoga consists of meditation, stretching, breathing, and a range of moves known as postures which if done correctly will help to improve physical and mental wellness. Many people have accepted as true that yoga is able to help them conceive or deal with the stress of getting fertility care. Many studies on women that practiced yoga when they’re trying to conceive shows that yoga helped them reduce their anxiety levels, easing their bodies and regularizing their hormonal productions.

Fertility yoga isn’t a special sort of yoga; however, it is a set of carefully customized yoga poses and breathing techniques that help you reduce stress as well as expel toxins from the body, making the body stronger, thus improving the odds of conceptions. The results of a study conducted by Harvard Medical School showed that ladies who practiced fertility-targeted yoga lessons can have better odds of getting pregnant compared to women who didn’t. On top of that, a review of 87 studies on yoga found that a regular yoga practice may improve outcomes for women going through fertility treatments.

Our regular Fertility Yoga classes are conducted by our experienced practitioner and instructor, Sarah Manning.


Receive personal attention in this 1 to 1 private session where Sarah and her team of experienced yoga instructors tailor poses according to where you are in your fertility journey and level of yoga. Best to come as a couple.

Single class: $160

Pack of 5 sessions: $700

Please read the Terms of Use below before booking.


Small and intimate class via booking only with no drop-ins. 
Highly encouraged for couples to come together. 

Casual class: $45

Pack of 4 sessions: $150

Please read the Terms of Use below before booking.



Not sure if this is for you? See if you fit into any of the categories below

Couples Planning for a Family

Undergoing IVF Treatments

Unexplained Infertility

Bonding and Improving Intimacy with your Partner



Please read before booking

- There will be no refunds once package is utilised. 
- Extension of validity of classes may be considered and require additional top up.

- Classes have to be booked online at least 1 day in advance.

- Cancellation of classes must be notified by 1pm on the day of the class attending otherwise this will be considered as a class attended. 

- We may make changes to the schedule including but not limited to: change of class timing, cancellation of classes, stand-in teachers, etc. Do note that no prior notice will be given and will be done at our discretion


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