There is a whole lot of information regarding causes, symptoms etc of infertility according to Modern Conventional Medicine. In Ayurveda, it can be very simply defined as a dis-ease of incorrect living. This is so with all dis-eases. 

One who does not understand their unique birth qualities or ‘Prakriti’, may overtime ‘disturb’ or ‘corrupt’ those qualities by following a incorrect lifestyle. Lifestyle is everything and anything that affects you. Some examples include relationships, work, climate, environment, season, time of the day, time of life, culture, travel, food, what you wear, the exercise you do, and the activities you involve yourself in.


The disturbed qualities take on a different nature, which would be going against your own personal nature. This is termed as ‘Vikriti’. Selecting the correct lifestyle for you according to Ayurveda depends on your Vikriti, because that state is where you are now and what needs to be addressed first. It means you need to select those things that are correct and compatible for you now and that will pacify the Dosha that is currently aggravated (the word Dosha means aggravation or disturbance).Managing your life on a moment by moment basis is what Ayurveda is all about.

The whole exercise and purpose of Ayurvedic treatment is to help us remove the excess Dosha and toxins accumulated over the years due to incompatible and incorrect life-style. These have reduced or impaired, to a great extent, our body’s and mind’s ability to ‘Self-Heal’. The ability to digest and metabolise the food we eat is often the first to succumb. Without correct nourishment, our system would not have the capacity to feed and nurture ourselves, leave alone to correct a dis-ease.

Our treatment restores our digestive prowess and almost immediately vastly improving the quality of our life, which then provides us a clarity of mind and stability and patience, preparing us for fertility. Working on any symptomatic problems after attaining a better quality of life, greatly enhancing the chances of achieving ‘healing’ or ‘cure’.

Typically detoxifying treatment takes place over a period of days or weeks. Some aspects can be managed as part of your daily routines (such as eating correctly, self-massage, exercise, and taking herbal formulations as recommended by us). The treatment phase follows the lifestyle consultation and pulse reading once we know what is needed for you.



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